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By shenandoahweddi731, Mar 3 2015 07:31PM

One of the first things to consider when beginning to design your wedding and florals (after you have selected your groom and the venue, of course!) is your COLOR PALETTE. The truth is, people notice COLOR before they notice TYPES of flowers.

Color Palette? That sounds intimidating. Where do you begin? What should you consider?

Here are three easy questions and actionable advice to help you choose your color palette with confidence!

What colors are you consistently drawn to?

Perhaps you prefer the simple elegance of a monochromatic color palette, or sequential colors (colors next to each other in the rainbow) to provide a touch of sophistication. Whatever you choose, florists like NatureScapes and Bluebells will help you to select the flowers that best suit your style and budget so your wedding florals aren’t a thorn in your side!

Takeaway: Working with a professional florist will help you get the most from your budget!

What color will your gown and your attendants’ dresses be?

Warm colors, like red, yellow and orange, work better in low light settings. Darker colors like blue and purple tend to fade into the background at twilight outdoor weddings. White is always a popular choice, but if you go with an all white arrangement, make sure to incorporate multiple textures so your bouquets don’t look flat. Having pops of an accent color combined with mostly white flowers also makes the bouquet stand out well against a white or ivory bridal gown.

Takeaway: Remember…contrast creates drama!

What colors are prominent in the existing décor at your ceremony and reception venues?

Evaluate your venues- consider the time of your wedding and the colors in the existing décor that you would like to either accentuate or play down. Is it outdoors during the daytime? Is it in a candlelit cathedral at dusk? Are you being married in a garden, like at the Museum of the Shenandoah Valley?

Takeaway: Keep in mind that light levels and the existing décor will affect the way your flowers are perceived, not only in person, but in the oh-so-important photographs you will keep forever!

You can do this. It's YOUR day. Just take it one step at a time, refer to trusted wedding resources and you'll select flowers that will wow your guests, look fantastic in your keepsake pictures and even thrill your mother-in-law!

Contributor: Kendra Johnson moved to West Virginia in 2001 after receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology from the College of William and Mary. Originally from Charlotte, NC, Kendra was raised in the fragrant, flowering landscapes of the South and quickly learned to love all things that grow. Since NatureScapes' founding in 2004, Kendra continues to be dedicated to spreading beauty and joy through her work. Her goal is to provide clients with superior service and knowledge that exceeds expectations.

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