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By shenandoahweddi731, May 10 2017 02:58PM

Congratulations, you are engaged and planning a wedding! Finding vendors and asking how much things cost will make your eyes roll back in your head, give you cold sweats at night and possibly cause you to pass out because weddings are specialty events!

You should ask lots of questions about the vision, feel and details you want about your event, intstead of asking "how much?" first. Why? Because you have never done this before and it's not like buying a refrigerator!

Wedding professionals are specialists; they provide specialized services unique to weddings. There are lots of reasons why it may be difficult to give you an answer to your "how much," question. Wedding professionals are passionate about what they do and have systems in place to handle the variances of wedding days. They are not the Cheap guy.

For example, a disc jockey is not just the music provider but manages the pace of the reception and acts as the Master of Ceremony. You can count on a professional DJ to have your song list, know how to line you and your wedding party up for the grand entrance and create a fun-filled atmosphere at your reception.

When planning your wedding, you can purchase anything you dream up. For example, you want mason jars filled with flowers for your table centerpieces. Put carnations and baby's breath in them and it's super affordable, but add roses and exotic orchids, and it will cost you.

Looking for the lowest cost vendors for your wedding and choosing the Cheap Guy is not your best choice. The Cheap Guy will not go the extra mile, may not understand weddings and might not even show up! Why; because your wedding may not be their primary focus.

For example, several coulpes who purchased a photo booth on Groupon found out too late when the photo company didn't show up on their wedding day. Nothing is more heartbreaking than having your photographer miss the ceremony or worse the entire wedding! Unfortunately, examples like this are not uncommon and happen every day; and the loss of your precious memories cannot be retrieved. Do not purchase wedding related products or services from on online discounted site like Groupon. Due to the volume of purchases of the product and/or services, the vendors are often double booked and oversold, meaning you are out the money you spent and without services too!

In my personal experiece of watching and working with vendors at the weddings I officiate, I highly recommend hiring professionals that are willing to work together to creat the atmosphere and the look you want at your wedding.

My advice:

Hire vendors who:

1. Provide a contract

2. Have great reviews

3. Are referred by other providers

4. Are reliable, trustworthy and professional

Follow these basic steps, and you will have a great wedding experience with memories to match!

Rev. Sandra Lynch, Officiant, Ceremony Alchemy
Rev. Sandra Lynch, Officiant, Ceremony Alchemy
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